Training level:trained, in use
Year of birth:2014
Height: 155 cm, 159 cm
Breed:unknown (pony)
Price:1 900000 Ft
Location:Akhal Stud of Ópusztaszer

Bolygó is a bai gelding who was born on the 1/12/2014 but arrived to our stud in 2023. He is a nice and cute small horse with lively and active personality and good ability to keep his physical condition (good digestion, correct feet). He often participates in riding lessons in class at the paddock but also in two-hour or one-day long country rides, cattle driving programs and riding camps with advanced riders or children as well.

As he learns quickly, we started his jumping education, where he could demonstrate his brave personality for example when learning to jump solid obstacles used in eventing.

Due to his small but strong body structure we recommend him as well as for young riders and adults.

Bolygó ugrás közben (a képet húzd balra)