Hírek a nagyvilágból: KYZYL DOUBLE or QUITS

KYZYL DOUBLE or QUITS is 97% Anglo-Teke (Thoroughbred x Akhal-Teke). He began his career late, having survived EQUINE GRASS SICKNESS. He has been brought on slowly over the last year and began competing in November, notching up five rosettes from five outings with his 64-year-old breeder/rider, including a 1st in dressage

Sam (to his friends) has an intelligent, trainable temperament, very correct movement, and an enormous, scopey canter and jump. His bloodlines are full of courage, soundness and stamina.

His sire WELTON DOUBLE CRACKER is an international event horse from the oldest and most renowned sporthorse line in the country. His grandsire DOUBLE TRIGGER was the outstanding long-distance racehorse of the last quarter-century, winning two Ascot Gold Cups, 3 Doncaster Cups and 3 Goodwood Cups, a total of 12 Group I wins and £500,000 total prize money. His grand-dam BABY WELTON is an advanced event horse by the immortal WELTON CRACKERJACK.

His dam GULARA, an Elite-graded Akhal-Teke, never competed due to a head/eye injury at two years. Her sire GAIGYSIS was the best Akhal-Teke stallion of his generation, and the most prolific sire ever of Akhal-Teke breed champions (sire and grandsire of four Russian Champions and eight World Champions).

The line of Welton Sporthorses has a history of more than fifty years, producing many Badminton and other 4* eventers including a European Champion, as well as Grand Prix dressage horses. The Akhal-Teke – agile, tough, and supremely responsive to the sympathetic rider – is the world’s most versatile sporthorse, having set Olympic Dressage and USSR Showjumping Puissance records. The breed is the second fastest in the world (behind the English Thoroughbred), measured over distances from 1,000 to 4,000m. Added to these attributes is legendary stamina – increasingly in demand for short-format three-day-eventing.

The Akhal-Teke, with its speed, bottomless stamina, resilience and quick intelligence, offers priceless sporting genes. Sam, combining these qualities with established and proven sporthorse bloodlines, is the ideal stallion to breed the twenty-first century event horse. He has already proved his toughness in overcoming EGS, and has a big, bold jump that has so far not even begun to be properly tested. His early foals show great promise and are blessed with his easy temperament.

He is licensed by the Anglo-European Studbook and registered with VNIIK (the All-Russia National Institute of Research and Horse-Breeding, which holds the Akhal-Teke “Mother” Stud Book.)