Saddle production

Order, and info: Our saddles are suitable fornyeregkeszites_024 For tours For endurance riding For horse training For trick riding For heritage preservation For working equitation For beginners For performing advanced exercises Our saddle making endeavours were necessitated by the fact that the commercially available universal saddles were not suitable for historical horse shows. As time went on, it turned out that they were not suitable for a number of different types of riding activities, either. This is a natural feature since those saddles were developed mainly for jumping. The Cseppentő saddle is designed for different types of use. Attila Cseppentő based his design on historical characteristic features of genuine Hungarian saddles… The more areas we have covered with our activities, the more diverse forms of the use of our saddle we have been able to test. Our model was the type of saddle used by Hungarian horsemen throughout our history. We considered this model as the “Hungarian historical saddle.” We have made slight alterations in the design of our saddle during the past few years according to practical use. Our aim was to satisfy the needs of riders trying to pursue activities as listed above. We also wanted to adjust the design of our saddle for the different movements of horses. So we developed a flexible, light saddle, which is easy to handle (fix and fine-tune). N (11)  nyeregkeszites_028  nyeregkeszites_021 Our saddle is made of natural materials only: a flexible wooden plate. a light metal structure, plenty of leather and a lot more wool. A striking characteristic feature of this saddle is that it is comfortable and safe. What is not so visible is its ventilation and also its clear design. From a technical aspect of riding the seat is deep and provides a long area of support for the riders’ thighs. A limitation in the use of this saddle is jumping: we do not recommend it for steep, high jumps however it is comfortable and safe when the rider has to take jumps during cross-country riding or hunting. At present we are developing new designs, and we shall provide information on the new saddles we shall develop in the future.   Plus: Our saddle is perfectly suitable for horses with very high withers, moreover it is good for horses with less muscles on the back or for horses with very long backs.The saddle is opened alongside the spine of the horse. Both the cantle and the pommel are highly bent. The anatomical shape of the saddle's foot was tested on our akhal horses. We haven't received any bad reactions in the last 16 years since this saddle exists about saddles scars. { Neither in our stud nor anywhere else where our saddles are used. } An important feature of the saddle is that it is made of only natural materials.(leather, wool, felt,wood,steel) We use it with woollen saddle blanket. The saddle's seat is substantially bigger than that of the english saddle, it gives more safety for the rider. It is much lighter than the western saddle. And finally the most seductive point of it is it's comfort. We use these saddles for one-week tours, too, when we ride around 200kilometers altogether. (Danube-Tisza Tour) In the last 3years we organised horse shows in the Historical Park where we used these saddles twice in a day