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Pure bred akhal teke stallion born 2012. He is wieldy, friendly,  you can lead, tie, he gives up legs. He has obligatory vaccination. He lives in stud. He hasn’t got bad habits, he is handy, kind, easy going, docile, he has good health. Currently under training. (breaking under saddle) Participated in July of 2016 in the Akhal Teke Bohemian Cup Championatus where he took the 4th place in his category!

Father:  (Bloodline: Paolo ->Asket–>Ekemen 1195)

Father of mother  1284 Sultanbala 15 . (Bloodline:1284 Sultanbala 15 –>866 Vatanchi,967 Pudok )


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87,5% of Akhal Teke chestnut colt born in May of 2015. His got obligatory vaccinatoins. He is driven worm and cut his nails. Very healthy, graceful, persistent, he has good shape. He has passport, chip. His father is Stardust (Lakmus->Ararat->Absent) his mother is Bíbor.

Bíbor’s father: 3003 Karador->father: 989 KARADER;

989 Karader was born in 1977 in Turkmenistan. He was very typical, powerful stallion with correct exterior. He was also very good race horse – during six years he took part in 32 races and 25 of them he won. On the exhibition in Ashabad and Krasnodar he won the Award of 3 rd Degree and in year 1981 he got the title for Champion of the Breed.








Kávé is a buckskin akhal teke born in 2013. He is good abilities, healthy gelding. Regularly cut his nails, driven worm. He has good shape,graceful, very persistent, tireless. You can lead, give his legs. He has individual identification and passport. You can look him prelimitary dating is important!

P1040277 P1050427 P1050418 P1040261


P1010807 P1010854 P1040261 P1040277


Very handy, easy going grey mare. She has obligatory vaccination, passport, chip. She is friendly lives in a stud. Free from bad habits,kind, docile very healthy.

After her breaking under saddle she participated in little terrains, 1 week riding tours, driving cattles. In the riding tour she took minimal 25 km/ day.  In the summer she took part in horse riding camps where we rode on her without saddle too and she behaved well. Easy little mare.


P1020512IMGA0526P1020717 P1020744 IMGA0506 081-IMG_7581


Calypso is a bay akhal teke-english throughtbred combination born in 2011. He is tireless, healthy gelding. Regularly cut his nails, driven worm. He can handle grass-reading, lives in a stud. He has obligatory vaccination, passport, chip.

Calypso IMGA0469


Maja is a bay akhal teke-arab combination mare born in 02 of April 2014. She is graceful,  active, persistent, healthy. Regularly cut his nails, driven worm. He can handle grass-reading, lives in a stud. She has obligatory vaccination, passport, chip.